When We Do It, It Isn’t Terrorism

Last night at 11:52PM, Congress defeated the McGovern/Lewis amendment that would have cut the funding for the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) by a vote of 214 to 208.

I think that if our goal is to close terrorist camps in the Middle East, maybe we should start with our own most infamous terrorist camp. Really, even if that wasn’t our goal, it seems like a good idea to stop training people to torture other people. That seems, I dunno, evil.

So, if it bothers you that your Representative might have voted in favor of spending your tax dollars on the SOA, check www.soaw.org/Legislative to see if they did, and if not, say “thanks for having the bare minimum of human decency”, and if they did, say whatever comes from the heart (but remember Dick Cheney is watching).

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