Ahh the Bandwagon

This meme is doubly derivative, but oh well. I thought it could be an interesting exercise. So here are some of my confessions:

I confess that sometimes, reading theology makes my eyes glaze over. Much of the time I would much rather read science fiction, fantasy, or nonfiction focusing on physical science or history.

I confess that J.R.R. Tolkien has influenced my theology far more than Barth or Tillich or a number of other famous theologians.

I confess that my study of other religions, experientially and academically, has influenced my theology as much as Tolkien.

I confess that I haven’t talked about what Presbytery I am a member of because I am afraid that someone will try to sabotage me as I try to move to candidacy, or in some other way that I haven’t predicted. On a related note, I confess that having to think that way disgusts me thoroughly, but not so much that I’ll stop.

I confess that my best prayers are desperate prayers, my best poems are self-obsessed love-sick poems, and all of my best moments in life have been full of fear.

I confess that if offered the chance to write and design games for a living, ministry would get a run for its money.

I confess that I’m pretty much an ethical universalist.

I confess that sometimes I look at Christianity like an atheist, and I have to be reminded of faith and brought back to God somehow.

I confess that I don’t really understand why God keeps doing that, and I confess that I’m not sure that it is God who is doing these things, but I assume that it is because it is the best answer I have.

I confess that I think of my capacity for ambiguity and contradiction as a huge advantage in my life, and that like Emerson I avoid the “hobgoblins of petty consistency”, and that like Whitman, I affirm that “I am large…I contain multitudes”. I think of this as a good thing and hope I am right.

I confess that of faith, hope and love, I think that I have a natural ability to live out…none of the above. So, if you do detect any of the above, it probably isn’t attributable to me.

I confess that I am also a pluralist.

I confess that deep down, I don’t think any of you are certain either.

Well, we’ll see how that goes. A nice self-revelatory post to liven things up. I wonder if I’ll pay for it.

9 thoughts on “Ahh the Bandwagon

  1. so… is it that deep down inside you, you don’t think we’re certain? Or is it that you don’t think we’re certain deep down inside ourselves?Are you certain, deep down, that we’re uncertain? Or is it uncertain how deep and down the certainty goes?Ack!


  2. Actually, that’s Whitman, not Wordsworth. It comes from ‘Song of Myself,’ and the full quote is as follows: “Do I contradict myself?Very well then I contradict myself.I am large, I contain multitudes.”And that’s my English nerd moment for the day.


  3. Wordsworth is odd. He seems to be pursuing the experience of the sublime not to experience something sublime, but so that later, when he’s sitting in a meeting, or at home, or whatever, and is bored, or isn’t feeling anything in particular, he can send himself emotionally back into that experience of the sublime again and again and again. O_o


  4. I must confess, I too turn to Tolkien more often than to the theologians whose books line my shelves.I also relate with your relationships with atheists. Someone very close to me recently “came out” as an atheist, and another admits questioning Christ’s divinity. Their doubts lead me to doubt, not in the Trinity or the life of faith, but in the mess we humans have made of religion. If there really is such a thing as Original Sin (I’ve just come from Aric’s blog) its name is Institutional Church.Doug, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your head down in order to keep it from getting shot off. I trust that God will see you through the process, and Aric as well. I pray that trust regularly.I hope to meet you someday in person. I admire greatly what little I see of you through your online presence. Thank you for embracing God’s grace, taking the risk, and sharing yourself. We are enriched and enlarged as a result.


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