8 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. I voted for everything except for this blog to disappear. As for something different, after your intellectual confession I’d love to hear your thoughts about Tolkien, his influence on you, his influence on others (culture, language, theology, etc.). Anything Tolkien!


  2. Doug,Since you can only vote once per time I would like to say, keep up with what you have been doing. Don’t do controversy for the sake of controversy though.Good LuckCraig


  3. I would like to see you systematically take on some key propositions of orthodoxy and explain your beef with them. Start with something like the Nicene Creed and just go point by point on what you like/don’t like.


  4. Aric: That would be a hilarious way to celebrate Candidacy.Craig: I’ll try not to, and thanks.Mark: Definitely. I’ve already got enough ideas for five or so posts on Tolkien – at least one of them will actually occur.


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