Origins 2007: Luke Crane

One cool thing that I got to do at Origins this year is to meet Luke Crane twice. The first time was at a seminar he and a few other writers (the authors of Inspectres, The Riddle of Steel and With Great Power) held, the purpose of which was to help aspiring writers and game designers learn the nitty-gritty details of self-publication. Basically, we got to benefit from some of their mistakes and what they had learned in their own self-publishing.

Luke talked for about 95% of the seminar, occasionally prompting one of the other authors to contribute. You get the impression that his mouth is always trying to catch up with his mind, and he’s an active speaker, walking around the room in his socks, cracking jokes, swearing, but also providing a wealth of information and specifics.

The second time I met Luke was when he won an Origins Award for Role-Playing Game of the Year with his game, Burning Empires (AKA “The Brick”). He was running a Burning Wheel game in the same room where I was in a Burning Wheel/Artesia crossover game. It was fun to congratulate him and to watch him flip out. Burning Empires was definitely my vote for the award in that category. I also got to meet some other people who came to congratulate him – others from the Forge, a podcaster or two, and whatnot. Some I have to admit I didn’t know at all, or didn’t recognize (since I know these people primarily through their voice or their writing).

I think its cool that Luke was running a game when the awards ceremony was going on, and I think its cool that shortly after getting the statue, he was back to running his game, and the statue was put to the side to make room for the dice. I think that’s a guy with his priorities straight.

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