The Breakdown

Thank you all of you who voted on the poll. This will help me organize my thoughts and decide what I’ll be posting on. It looks like I’ll have a little less time to post than I have for the past month or so (new job at Border’s, more ordination song-and-dance, and a possible freelance writing gig for the coming year), so I need to limit myself a little more and be a bit more intentional about what I post.

Anyway, here’s how it turned out, as of now…

More controversy – creationism and evolution! 3% (2 votes)

Gotcha – we’re done with this one, looks like.

More controversy – homosexuality! 16% (11 votes)

Interesting…perhaps we’re not done here yet. We’ll see. I’ve said a lot in this area, but I suppose I could do more.

More humor – this is too seroius for me 3% (2 votes)

I was hoping for more votes here, but oh well. You might get some humor whether you like it or not!

More liturgy – I like the prayers and sermons 9% (6 votes)

This is going to continue regardless, I was just interested in who was enjoying it.

More about you – who are you anyway? 6% (4 votes)

What, you don’t want to know about me? What could be more interesting? Oh…

More theology – and make it scholarly! 21% (14 votes)

Oh man, you’re going to make me work, aren’t you? Don’t you know this is summer? Summer is sleepy time for Doug’s brain. Oh well. I’ve got a huge number of ideas for posts about Tolkien and theology, so that’s going into this category…

More theology – and no ivory-tower elitism please! 6% (4 votes)

I always feel this way, so its going to color whatever I write. But…interesting. I suppose I have scholarly readers.

More politics and current events 15% (10 votes)

Cool. I wanted to go more this direction now and then, and I’m glad there’s interest.

More social justice and nonviolence issues 15% (10 votes)


Something different (please comment with suggestions) 3% (2 votes)

I’ll see what I can do.

I want this blog to just disappear, thank you very much 3% (2 votes)

Sorry, not this time.

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