What I’m Listening To – Part 2

I’d like to take a moment again to mention the podcasts that I’m listening to lately, if for no other reason than to funnel some possible listeners their way.

All Games Considered – what I’m listening to right now in fact. Funny and informative, including special segments like Gaming For Cheap Bastards and Games You May Never Have Heard Of. They mostly talk about running and playing games, rather than, say, game-design or game theory.

Fear the Boot – is awesome. I love them. They are intelligent and hilarious and talk about all aspects of gaming. Check out their forums and listen to their podcast. It is excellent, and is up for an ENnie Award at this year’s Gen Con.

Godzilla Gaming Podcast – started out as a podcast put together by two friends and expats living in Tokyo. They discuss what they’re playing, with a focus on story games and indie games, and they also talk about the particulars of gaming in J-land. Now their podcast spans the Pacific Ocean, since one host has moved to the SF Bay Area, but it continues going strong.

Master Plan – a podcast specifically about game design which focuses on interviews with indie game designers. The belief is that anyone can design games – and should.

Shakespeare and Dragons Worldbuilding 101 – this podcast is about worldbuilding from a literary point of view. The host is an English teacher and gamer who brings his expertise to bear on world-creation for comics, fiction, gaming, etc.

Secrets of the Lord of the Rings – A Catholic priest talks about the Lord of the Rings Online as well as aspects of Tolkien’s works that come to mind. This is one of a few podcasts the he does, including Secrets of Harry Potter. I think this is very accessible to non-Catholics who are Tolkien-fans (like me for instance…)

The Sons of Kryos – Jeff and Judd still bring it with their high-quality topical show about the gaming table and what happens when you sit down there. Highly recommended, and also up for an ENnie I believe.

The Voice of the Revolution – the Indie Press Revolution that is. Character classes getting you down? Prefer story games? Heard of Dogs in the Vineyard or Burning Wheel or Mortal Coil? Wanna know what’s at the bleeding edge of rpg design? Join the Indie Press Revolution!

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