Ordination Exams

Ok, I’m done with studying. Not to say that I’m confident – I haven’t had enough time in the past couple of months to really study before the last two days. Obviously, two years of classwork have also been studying, but we’ll see how that goes.

Rather, I’m just done. Well, I wish I was done. Really, it hasn’t even started yet.

At least there will be coffee.

On a side note, to prepare for the Theology exam, I re-read Daniel Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding (see above), which I really enjoy. I’m sure there are those who consider him a heretic because he deviates occasionally from the Westminster Confession, but as a heretic myself I can tolerate that kind of thing. If he’s Reformed, then I guess I am too.

On another side note – did you see CNN’s God’s Christian Warriors? What did you think? It has provoked some controversy in our tiny blogging fishbowl even before it aired.

8 thoughts on “Ordination Exams

  1. Oh no! Another heretic! What ever will I do!?Thanks John. I’m back from them and think I represented myself well and gave good, even Reformed, answers. We’ll see if some random elders agree.


  2. I’m sure you did splendidly. Good luck with the exegesis. Over here at Louisville, we all used Christian Doctrine by Shirley Guthrie to study for the exam. After using Migliore for both our Intro to Theology class, and a one-credit course called “To Be Reformed,” I was glad to put him back on the shelf (though I do appreciate his writing style).


  3. I took my ords in the spring of my senior year. All four at once since I forgot to do the paperwork to take them in the Fall!I sweat bullets but made it through. Not perfect, but enough! Hope you get all the results you want. No prize for perfect score!


  4. Doug, I nearly misread the question as well, and thought it pertained only to elders. I went back, and ended up adding in a bit about the role of ministers in the session as well. I’m sure, if you showed some understanding of the role and make up of the session, the reader will be gracious with you. And, anyway, remember that you only have to pass two of the three essays to pass the test! Take care! Amy


  5. Yeah, somehow I read “chapters other than 1-4” as “using only chapters 1-4” – which was challenging (ha).And I was under the impression that if you miss the directions on one of the questions entirely, you sort of get a 0 and they stop grading there. I suppose if they give me a 1 I could still hope for two 4’s to get a solid 3 average. I mean, I gave a thorough answer that showed familiarity with the BoO, so that might be worth a 1.Who knows? I just have a strong feeling that I’m destined to do at least one again in January. Though I’m in good company in having to retake an Ord or two.


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