A Theology Game

(Since this is a briefer exercise, I’ve taken this one on, but it is one of many theological games being played by this person, whose blog I recommend.)

Finish these sentences. (And explain why you say what you do, if you like giving explanations!)

Theology exists to ________________.

Theology exists to transmit and transform.

If someone reads my theological writing and only remembers one thing afterwards, I want it to be ___________________.

…I want it to be the encouragement to do their own theology, and then act, then test, and repeat.

No matter what topic we’re dealing with, theologians must take into account ___________, because we ignore it at our peril.

…theologians must take into account what they discern to be the guidance of the Holy Spirit, because we ignore it at our peril.

(SFTS students will recognize these as questions about theological “norm.” Other schools will use other terminology, perhaps “the task of theology.” We are trying to get at the deep-down commitments that inspire, motivate, keep accountable, and (sometimes) restrict the outlook of our theologies.)

2 thoughts on “A Theology Game

  1. Actually, I’d say anyone can do this because anyone who thinks about God is doing theology. But it might not be helpful to everyone, since as you do theology more and more, I think your priorities and concerns tend to change.


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