Brief Update and a Prayer and P.S.

I think that you’ll probably notice my posts to this blog coming a bit less often. There are a few reasons for this – one is that I’ve decided to write a book this year, on top of everything else, and work has begun on it. Also, this third year of seminary is going to be absurdly busy for me. Really, unreasonably busy by any measurement.

In the meantime, I can make a few recommendations. The first is to check out Aric’s blog, which will feature book reviews and some discussion of pacifism among other things. I also always enjoy reading Tribal Church‘s reflections on church and life. John Shuck is willing to Jive with those who stop by – though being respectful is always appreciated. If you need to scratch your Baptist or pacifist itch, Michael Westmoreland-White‘s superb blog is a good place to go. Reflections on theology, culture and ‘radical’ ecclesial living are available here at Inhabitatio Dei, and for reflection and dangerous theological games, check out Holy Vignettes

Really, everything on my link list is awesome.

This following prayer was definitely a “first thought, best thought” kind of prayer. It is based on last week’s PCUSA Lectionary passage, Luke 14:1,7-14. I of course didn’t know this, but Karl had decided to scrap his sermon and the reading for this Sunday (which I incorporate into my pastoral prayers), and I have a couple minutes to scribble this one down:

Spirit of breath and life
giving up is painful.
We who have everything always want more;
because we depend on ourselves,
our lives are tenuous;
because they are rooted in us,
in what we do,
they are never far from collapse.
To root our lives in God,
to depend on Christ
to live by the Spirit
and not by ourselves
requires humility.
But Christ shows us where our home is –
among the poor, the least, those foreign to us,
those who are humiliated by the world.
In our powerlessness, Christ is powerful
In our weakness God’s strength is seen
In our emptiness is the fullness of the Spirit within us.
Give us humility
to look to you and not to ourselves
to live by your means and not by our own.


Another thing about blogging just occurred to me. The “listening” aspect of blogging is invisible. That is, by reading blogs I am able to ‘listen’ to the writers who create them, but my listening is invisible. It is anonymous unless I comment or contact them personally (which I try to do, partly for this reason).

This occurs to me because today I had a chance to do a little reconciling of a relationship that I botched over the summer. The main means by which I do this is by listening – especially to what I don’t want to hear. Even though this person and I disagree on very many important things, we can talk to each other again because I listen carefully to what he has to say and show him respect even when we disagree.

Listening is a very difficult thing that blogging basically doesn’t allow you to do very meaningfully. Its a kind of listening, but its not the same.

2 thoughts on “Brief Update and a Prayer and P.S.

  1. Thanks for the kind words.I work with a group of five women on all my writing. They pick it apart, and make it much, much better. If you don’t have a group like that, and you need a second set of eyes, I’d be happy to help.You’re a great writer. I’m sure you’ll do well!


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