Design Journal 1

I’ve just gotten the exciting news that I will be working on designing a game system for Jolly Roger Games. I’ve mentioned this before, and the rough draft of my proposal was also posted to this blog, and is available here.

This is essentially a freelance gig, so I still have to do my work in graduate school and at my intern ship, as well as other things. The plan is for me to have completed a core rulebook and one supplement by Origins 2008, and at that time to also have a rough draft of a second supplement and an outline of a third at least. Personally, I’d love to attend more local conventions, like KublaiCon, as well as GenCon Indy, to run and pimp the completed game. So this is going to be a huge amount of work, but is also the fulfillment of a long-term desire to design games and actually get recognition of some sort for it.

Periodically I’m going to talk about the design process as I experience it on this blog. I’ll also upload some content, though I can’t upload much because it is intended to become the property of Jolly Roger Games when completed. In the meantime, this is a lot of what will be on my mind, so its what I’ll be posting about.

My friends and I are also still working on Horror!, as well as other projects like True20, which we’ll also be talking about.

Any other game designers out there reading this – if you’re got advice for a first-timer, it would be much appreciated.

As a side note, I’m removing the Creative Commons copyright from the site’s material. This is just to avoid confusion about the material I’m working on. I may end up adding Creative Commons as a label for posts which apply under those terms – we’ll see.

One thought on “Design Journal 1

  1. Congrats again Doug. I'm sure it'll be a blast for you, and the material you produce will be superb.

    Of course, you oughtn't stop work on Horror! or Real20 and whatnot, because these are for yourself, instead of someone else!


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