September 16 Pastoral Prayer

The reading was Luke 14:25-33

God of beauty, mystery and mercy
we are a people who excel at counting the cost
we measure, and consider, and weigh
always seeking to pay less and get more.
We treat what we have like we deserve it
and are so rarely grateful.

Yet you come to us, God
as one who never counts the cost.
You love us more than we are comfortable with
and then even more than we can understand.

In the cross, we learn what your love means
we learn how much you are willing to pay.
You show us that love is greater than any price.
Your love is beyond value, beyond counting.
It demands everything of us.

And we see in the resurrection, it is the only way to life.
Not to pay for love
but to surrender everything except love.

God help us understand this love you have for us
that the cross of crucifixion is also the empty cross of resurrection.

Help us to live by that same cross.

One thought on “September 16 Pastoral Prayer

  1. Foolish? I think not. I was in the room for this one, Doug, and the amazing thing is, so was God. Taking my foolish pulse as He flew overhead, moving into you to move out among us. When God chooses to speak through a man, the only remaining thing foolish is the echo of the man.I credit you with one thing, and one thing only: foolishly being still enough to hear the still, small voice when the world wants us to jump and yell.All other praise belongs to the God who breathes His life into our words.Ken


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