September 23 Pastoral Prayer

Luke 16:1-13
(the service involved talk about our kids’ involvement in a Heifer International fund-raiser)

Spirit of life and grace
This morning our minds stretch out
across an unknown distance, east, west, south
to the lives of the truly poor
who work the soil under a burning sun
who live in homes made of scavenged garbage
who can hardly dream of more.
Beneath this weight the world groans
and we hope our small gifts will help
our goslings, our goats, perhaps a water buffalo.

More readily our minds turn closer to home
to the people we know who suffer
to the ones we love and wish we could help.
We ask, this morning
that you turn the world around
that you seize us and take hold of us
that you make clear what our new jobs are
to give up and to let go
to get up and to move out
to follow where you are leading us
to do what we are made to do
to be who we are made to be
in the light and shadow of the cross.

One thought on “September 23 Pastoral Prayer

  1. May I borrow this prayer, if I attribute it to you? If so, how do you want the attribution to read?Mark Brantley-GearhartPastorFirst Presbyterian Church of Snyder, Texas


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