Two New Podcasts I’m Listening To

New to me at least. They’ve both been around for a while…

I’ve started listening to two new podcasts, and I wanted to mention them and provide links to both.

The first is Theory from the Closet. This is a one-man show that basically covers the technical aspects of gaming theory that has cropped up in the past few years. So far, I’ve listened to the first and second episodes, and its interesting, particularly considering the fact that I’m working on a game to publish.

The second is Geek Fu Action Grip. Now, I feel kind of dumb, because I’ve been hearing about Mur Lafferty for a couple of years now, but haven’t listened to her podcast until recently. Essentially, it is another one-woman show, where she talks about gaming and geeky stuff, and then presents an essay. She also has multiple ongoing stories that she’s publishing via the podcast. I liked her show more than I expected (right now I listen to a lot of roundtable-style shows).

As it turns out, Mur has just ended her Geek Fu podcast, but there are still 103 episodes to listen to, so there’s plenty still going on. She also has a morning show to listen to that she’s just started up.

Anyway, I recommend both podcasts. Happy listening.

One thought on “Two New Podcasts I’m Listening To

  1. I listen to Mur as well and found your post through Technorati…

    I got hooked from her i should be writing podcasts, but the geek fu ones are definitely for the mature geeks in all of us.

    if you're interested in some other podcasts of a similar vein, you should check out some of the podcasts on my blogroll at


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