September 30 Pastoral Prayer

I was also Liturgist in this service, and I read Luke 15:1-10 – the parables of the lost sheep and of the lost coin

God our shepherd
we like to be part of the fold
members of the right flock
our fleece as white as snow
we follow along, thinking
please accept us, please don’t leave us behind
please don’t look too closely
we feel our blemishes like fresh scars
as we do this, God
we wonder whether you are with us at all

Time passes, and without fail
we find we are being left behind
we have been pushed out to the edge
we are wandering in the wilderness
Or sometimes, we step out
moving on our own
and find that we are suddenly alone
perhaps the flock doesn’t want us back

We find, to our amazement
that when we are lost, you find us
when we wander you seek us out
we find you in the wilderness
and you bring us home

Good shepherd, help us to be good shepherds
let us look always to the edges
to the wilderness, outside our own flocks
let us always welcome others home
as you continually welcome us

3 thoughts on “September 30 Pastoral Prayer

  1. Thanks man. Spontaneously, I wrote in bold letters in the margins of his prayer (written during the service as usual) “our failures are a cause for joy”. That idea didn’t make it into the prayer, really, but I thought it was interesting at least.


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