In Rainbows

This is not related to theology at all, but its important nonetheless. In case you didn’t already know, Radiohead has released a new album. Its available for download from their website. You name your price for the download. Yes, “zero” is an option for the price.

I really want to support this kind of activity by artists. I like cutting out distributors entirely from the creative process, except in situations where they are actually needed. For music, which everyone buys in digitial form anyway, there’s no reason to pay $20 for an album so the artist can get $1 from it. That system screws everyone but the distributor.

I’m also excited that a huge band like Radiohead is doing this. You may remember Radiohead from hearing about their album “Ok Computer” which was hailed by Spin magazine as the best album in 20 years.

If you haven’t heard of Radiohead, but you like music, you might want to give them a listen. They’re one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and have consistently set records in terms of concert attendance.

As an added bonus, they have nothing to do with the church.

You can get the album here.

3 thoughts on “In Rainbows

  1. I am still growing into the record a bit. It definitely is the real follow up to Kid A as it melds th ideas from OK Computer with Kid A where Thief was kind of taking elements from both and flitting in and out of the ideas.This one takes both elements and fuses them seamlessly in each tune. the problem is that I think the album trails off a bit after the fourth song or so. That is the part to which I keep turning since my attention span is so short with it.


  2. I’ve dived right into it and am liking it a lot. I think Faust Arp is the one track that is on pretty much every Radiohead album that I will always skip or delete from playlists, but I think the album is held up by Bodysnatchers, All I Need, and Jigsaw Falling Into Place – sort of like pillars on which this album is hung. I definitely like it better than Hail to the Thief, which I though constituted a semi-departure from what was so good about Amnesiac, Kid A and Ok Computer…


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