I’m exhausted and buried under work that I’m behind on, so the blog has been neglected lately. Here is some good old-fashioned cheating – links to blogs that are saying things that I’d like to say as well. Enjoy.

Here’s Aric talking about pacifism and capital punishment

And introducing you to your best friend

Here’s Desmond Tutu saying something I’ve said in the past and received many attacks for

Pretty much everything Heather says is worth reading

Ditto Donna

Michael continues to be a standard-bearer on important issues

Honestly, with all of this quality blogging going on, I sometimes am at a loss for what I could possibly contribute. When I actually have time, though, I’ll try and come up with something… 🙂


I also preached yesterday, for the first time, without any notes at all. I think it went ok. Instead of posting a MS, I’ll try to post the audio recording if possible. We’ll see if 1) I used the device properly and 2) I can get over hating to hear my recorded voice (at least it isn’t video!)

4 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. *jumps aboard*Good stuff, Doug. I’d rather be in a boat with Tutu than in a boat with the spirit of fundamentalist anything, whether it be Christianity, Conservatism, Atheism, Liberalism, Islam, or what have you.


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