These Shorter Posts Are Great

Little nibbles when I don’t have time to…bite.

I got two cards in the mail today sent from older ladies who are pillars of my internship church. Both cards talked about how they appreciated my sermon Sunday, but one of them in particular really touched me. Because I’m part-time, I find that I don’t have much time for pastoral care relationships because I’m already usually going over my hours when I take preparation into account, especially when I preach. So I feel like I need to be really engaged when I’m there. I don’t do a lot of small talk sometimes because I have to make the time I do have heavy time in order to be helpful. So I’m glad that my sermon, preached without any particular situation in mind, touched a few people and helped them, even if only a little.

Ministry is by far the best job I’ve ever had. I know that it isn’t easy, but it is difficult in such a rewarding way. It was a lot harder working at a car dealership or stuffing envelopes or canvassing door-t0-door. Most people have harder jobs than ministry, honestly. I just feel like it is a gift and a privilege a lot of the time.

Going into seminary, and once I was here, I heard a lot about how hard ministry is, things like “If you can imagine yourself doing anything else with your life, do that instead.” I think that’s just crazy. If you have the chance to do something like this and actually get paid for it, go for it. And don’t forget how lucky you are. I can imagine myself doing a lot of other things with my life, but I’ve got the chance to do this and I’m going for it. I thought I would feel this way, and so far, I do.

Now I just have to avoid burning out in five years like 50% of my colleagues in seminary will.

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