Nov 25 Pastoral Prayer

The text today was Luke 23:33-43

Lord Jesus
you were hung up to die next to two criminals
yet we so easily forget that as far as the law of the time was concerned,
you were the worst criminal of the three

We still get caught up in thinking that our laws are good
that we enforce them fairly
that there is justice in our justice system

Praying beneath a cross, you’d think we’d have learned better by now

The morning we pray for and with those we call criminals

With those who are wrongly accused
wrongly imprisoned
wrongly executed
we grieve with them and for them
and we long for real justice
true justice which makes things right

With those who are guilty
who are punished but not restored
imprisoned but not rehabilitated
executed and not granted mercy
we long for justice even more

And we also remember
that when we put you on the cross
we were sure you were guilty too

Come lord Jesus and teach us true justice.

3 thoughts on “Nov 25 Pastoral Prayer

  1. Your prayers are powerful and truthful.I hate to say this, but you already know it: prayers (and sermons) like that will get you in trouble. There are people in this world who don’t like truth.Pray (and preach) like that anyway. God knows we need voices like yours today.


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