Fear the Boot; Theory from the Closet

I just listened to Fear the Boot Episode 80, which I think was one of their best in a while. I always enjoy FtB, but this one got me thinking more than usual. They talked about how to get new people into gaming, and I had some ideas on how to expand on what they covered. I think I’ll say more on some of these ideas in the future on this blog. (And co-authors feel free to do the same!) Assuming I find the time that is.

I also just listened to Theory from the Closet Episode 15. I’m a long way from caught up, but I’m also listening to them out of order. In this show, Thor Olavsrud was the guest, and he talked about “Editing for Game Designers”. I learned more about the process (which was great) from a very active insider (even better), and it was a good show as always. I appreciated, for example, the list of things that would go on a “style document” for a game. I have definitely seen that I have to make those decisions, and I’ve been careful about being consistent, but I don’t have a specific style document. If this works, and I do end up writing supplements and so on, I’ll definitely need the doc to remind me of how I used commas, what I capitalize and what I don’t, how I notate dice-rolls, and so on. I’ve been particular on all of those things, but being consistent is tougher.

I also had a slightly sinking feeling, comparing the ideal situation to my current situation writing Parsec. I’ll definitely be leaning on my (wonderful, generous, gracious, brilliant!) friends but I would love to have unlimited time to work on this.

Then I realized that, if I did have unlimited time, it would probably never get finished. So the limits are also a blessing, because without them, I’d probably have nothing. Given that, work continues – I’m around 40,000 words now, and starting to actually put together what I might call an Alpha copy – for playtesting and sending out for first reads from the aforementioned heroic friends. It continues to be an interesting process, finding a middle ground between what Jolly Roger wants and what I want in a game (as much as possible – deferring to them), and also writing the damn thing, which, yes, is definitely still way harder than writing a novel (not that I’ve written a good one).

Even if it wasn’t interesting, stubbornness alone will see me through at this point.

January or bust!

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