Ow! There’s A Log In My Eye!

I keep running into this – blogging brings out bad things in people. Let’s be more specific – blogging seems to bring out bad things in me.

I started this blog as a discussion forum for SFTS students, but I quickly found that people who had nothing to do with SFTS were reading it. I was soon after shocked to learn that other people were discussing (mostly attacking and misrepresenting) me on their own blogs, without even telling me. Maybe I was just naive, but this surprised me.

So I got the rosy idea that I could just expand the “conversation” to include everyone who reads this thing. Then I realized that, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 the time, I’m jerk to people in my comments thread! Man, what am I thinking? That’s no way to foster conversation. And it isn’t very reassuring that I see other people doing this too.

Is it that big a deal that I’m not having this “conversation” in person? Neurologically, yes, pretty much, that’s probably the problem. In typing and reading type, I’m depriving my brain of about 99% of the information it usually gets in a conversation of the normal, corporeal type. So its a quick jump to start treating people like they’re not people. And it is easy to see how I’d keep doing it, even though I know I should be careful about it.

So, I continue thinking about this issue, and thinking about what I’m going to do with this blog. I think, at the very least, I will continue to use it as a forum for embarrassing myself. I see it as part of my growth as a person, to advertise what I get wrong as much as what I think I get right. But more on that later.

4 thoughts on “Ow! There’s A Log In My Eye!

  1. I dunno. I’m not like this in person. Probably in part because its just harder to face someone and forcefully disagree with them. But I don’t feel like I’m representing myself well some of the time.Actually, what’s more likely is that I am representing myself well, but I need a lot of work.But thanks for your support. When I’m closer to ordination, we might need to have a “how did you do it?” conversation 🙂


  2. Doug – I’m going to agree with John on this – however ironic that may seem.You have every right to express your opinions and argue forcefully for them. Yes, in an ideal world, we’d be expressing disagreement face to face, and that would (I believe) seriously cut down on misunderstandings and the vitriol that sometimes comes out as a result. However, speaking publicly is also a worthwhile endeavor – and that unfortunately carries with it the dangers you mention. And there is nothing inherently wrong with disagreement – even strong disagreement.The bottom line for me is this: this is your blog. You have reasons for blogging, and those (of us – no offense) who disagree with some of your opinions do not have to read them and do not have to comment. If we choose to do so, we are essentially guests in your house. If those comments prompt arguments, then that’s OK, IMO.


  3. @ WillStill, if I argued with you in my house, I would behave differently than I often do on a blog. Its still up to me to be hospitable. Though I do sometimes wonder why some people read this blog at all, especially once its clear that our views are mutually exclusive and that I don’t find their arguments persuasive – and I’ve explained why. I think some people like to be angry, and I think I represent something for some people, whether its fair to lump me in there or not.But I do appreciate your comments – content and tone. Thanks.


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