First Advent Pastoral Prayer

Isaiah 2: 1-5

God of Zion and Sinai
we are thick with the study of war
our history is a history of war
the story we tell ourselves is of revolution, civil war, conquest of the West
wars waged against expansionism, Fascism, Communism, now terrorism

Our peace is the silence that follows a cluster bomb
the frightened looks in the wake of tanks and troop-carriers
the swirling of dust in bullet-riddled neighborhoods

God of peace, even at great cost to yourself
we have few ploughshares, sparse pruning hooks
we bristle with swords and spears
we are deaf to your teaching
Your holy mountain is a place of razor wire and suicide bombs
Your city of peace burns day and night

Your judgement is on the nations, on our nation
if we have the courage to say it aloud

No more war.

Let us walk in the light of the Lord, down to the riverside, and lay our burdens down

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