Design Journal 12: It Has Begun

A couple days ago I sent out the first batch of (very) rough drafts of Parsec. Now I wait while people read them and put their comments together. I wish I had more time to produce better and more complete rough drafts, but I thought it was better to get them out now than to wait for two weeks until I can start actually working on the thing again. Now I need to turn my attention to all the things I’ve been neglecting because of wanting to work on Parsec.

Even after I send it out, I still get ideas of how to clarify and improve it. I’m writing them down, and I’m sure that if I get responses from the ten or so people who are reading the MS right now, I’ll have loads to consider.

Its been said that “better is the enemy of done” (on various podcasts – I forget who supposedly first said it – an indy game designer) and I can really see the truth of this in my own mind. That’s part of why I gave myself an artificial time-limit for the work. If nothing else, it reminds me that I can’t work on this thing forever.

One thought on “Design Journal 12: It Has Begun

  1. Yeah, deadlines are the only reason anything gets done in this world. You do have to decide to stop tweaking at some point. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of editing and revising in your future over intercession.


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