Genesis 12:1-4 Pastoral Prayer

Spirit of movement in hearts and lives…

we would rather stay where we are.
We want your calling to mean
that we are already doing what we should be doing
we want your love to mean
that all we do is approved,
that our failings are ignored
we want your power to sanctify us to mean
that you are finished with us
that we are complete as we are and can resist change

We do not want to move –
we do not want to be moved
And we know…you will move us
we will be uprooted,
called out,
sent out into a strange country
we will be shaken, turned, pushed, pulled
And so we plant our feet in solid ground
stiffen our necks and cross our arms

Knowing, if we were rooted in you
we would be moving already

We ask that you bring us close
embrace us and surround us
be present in us and with us
so that when you move
we move

when you move, we move

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