On Production Values

An aspect of gaming that is often overlooked is presentation of the game itself. When buying a game book we certainly pay attention to the quality of the art, layout and printing. Why not pay attention therefore to the quality of the other materials we use in gaming? What about having beautiful character sheets, beautiful dice, beautiful tokens or markers etc…? Why not be concerned about the gaming environment as well? Isn’t it cooler to game in a dank dungeon with flickering candles than in a room with doilies and floral print sofas?

Some things are beyond our control obviously, when we game, but some things can be done with a limited budget and plenty of creativity.

For example, Doug and I recently ran a game of Changeling: the Lost for our local game store (a perfectly brilliant place called Gamescape North Bay). To make the game more immersive and enjoyable we covered the tables with cloths, and set out candles and props suited to the game’s setting. Then we spent a good amount of time and energy making sure the character sheets and materials for the game looked fabulous and set the tone.

The Character Sheets looked like this, unopened:

And we had special character sheets to represent the Others (the True Fae) who appeared late in the gaming session:

We even had special 3×5 cards made up for single use items, Trifles, and Goblin Fruit that we handed out in game:

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