RIP Gary Gygax

I’ll write more on this in the future, but I felt I had to acknowledge it in some way right when I found out. He died earlier today. Whatever you think of Dungeons and Dragons and Gygax himself, he is a major reason why we all have the hobby that we love.

Its ironic that he’s best known for Dungeons and Dragons, of course, but the first Gary Gygax game I ever played, the first RPG I ever played and ran period, was Dangerous Journeys, which almost no one has ever heard of. But for about two or three years, that was the game I ran for my friends every weekend we could. Only later did I come into contact with D&D, specifically through the Dragonlance books and modules at first, and then like everyone else I started my own settings, stories and rules hacks.

I hope he died content. I think he did. He seemed like someone who had found what he was meant to do in life and did it all the time. Even with failing health, he ran a weekly D&D game as recently as January, or so I read.

Its sad that the first time I go to GenCon will be the first GenCon without him there.

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