Are You Kidding Me!?

This isn’t new footage, but its a good example of how incredibly incompetent and uninterested in right and wrong this president is.

Only Dubya would give a company license to kill people in Iraq without any idea of whether, or how, the law applies to that company.

Behind it, of course, is his openly-expressed belief that the law doesn’t apply to him, or to those who carry out his policies. So why should it apply to Blackwater?

Could we please have Voldemort for president instead? At least then maybe someone would stop him.

Luckily for us, while no one seems to have the sand to stop Dubya as he continues to rampage unchecked, 800 or so farmers in California had the courage to stand up to Blackwater and to keep a mercenary training facility out of their town.

Sometimes the good guys win, but evil still seems to have the reigns (misspelling intentional).

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