Palm Sunday Pastoral Prayer

Mark 11:1-11
Zechariah 9:9-10

Lord Christ, your kingdom is always approaching
yet, it seems, it is never fully here
It is always – not yet
even when we are already part of it

You are the king who disarms
who takes away our tanks and jets
who empties our troop transports
who shatters our pistols and M-16s
You are the king who proclaims peace
who suffers no weapon in your kingdom

Have mercy on us, we pray
because we live in a kingdom of violence
our kingdom is one of cluster-bombs
our borders are marked by razor-wire and armed patrols
our streets echo with gunfire and cries of grief

We love our army more than we love justice
We love our guns more than we love each other
We love our security more than we love our God

Have mercy on us, oh Lord, but do not hold back
Disarm us
give us the courage and will to be disarmed
to go out into the world without violence
to disarm our communities
to disarm our society
so that –

your kingdom may come
your will may be done

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