Angry Swarm

So, here is my contribution to the Blogswarm. It is going to be brief.

The world is going straight to hell. Its easy to completely abandon all hope that in a thousand years there will be any human beings left. We’ve crapped on the world, and we know better, and we’re still doing it. We crap on each other, and we know better, and we’re still doing it. But, of course, every generation probably feels this way on one level or another.

Looking around at the world which is bent on going straight to hell, I am offered two general solutions by the Powers That Be, particularly in national elections.

Option One: we will murder people all over the world. We will lie to you again and again as to why we are murdering them. Deep down, there is no good reason, but we’re going to do it anyway. We will create, support and prop up repressive regimes in every corner of the world who will murder people as our proxies if it suits our short-term political goals. We are going to snoop on your lives. We will tap your phones and dig through your records. We will take away your rights. We will arrest, detain, deport and torture you with total disregard for our laws and for international law. We will do this to keep you safe. We will ceaselessly remind you, through every means possible, that you are supposed to be afraid. We are your Big Stern Daddy, and we will keep you safe, one murdered poor person, one torture victim, one civil-liberty violation at a time. Oh, and if you’re rich, we’ve got your back. If you’re poor, you can eat cake, because a rising tide lifts all yachts.

Option Two: when the Solution One people do the above things, we will roll over like pathetic lapdogs and let them do it with barely a whimper of protest. We will mimic their militaristic lies and propaganda like mewling apes. We will talk about change and equality and justice while simply propping up the corrupt and morally bankrupt status quo year after year. We will throw money at problems through programs that don’t work and we will allow the Solution One people to cut funding to programs that are actually effective. We will fail to amount any kind of competent resistance when faced with what might be the worst administration in U.S. history. We will, with only a few brave exceptions, vote in favor of the murder, torture, loss of civil liberties and so on mentioned above because we are spineless professional politicians wracked by the terror of actually working for a living if we’re not re-elected because we appeared soft when we did what was right.

Given that I reject both major options, this leaves me in a third-party backwater where the best and highest aspirations is to elect a couple of state Senators here and there. The two-party machinery does not present me with viable options at this time. The third-parties, which are not politically viable on a meaningful scale, do not present me with preferable options from a pragmatic point of view. So do I vote for the morally bankrupt and incompetent party, or the other one that talks a good game but never delivers? Ooh, hold me back, I’m so excited. Where do I sign up?

I’m so sick of being lied to, sick of talking heads trying to manipulate me into feeling afraid so I can be controlled more easily. I’m sick of feeling disgusted with my country, sick of feeling ashamed to say I’m American. I’m sick of being nauseated by the 24-hour propaganda cycle from Fox Noise and Co. I’m sick of that stupid son of a bitch smirking into the camera while he mangles the English language. I’m sick of stories of mass graves, of massacres, of cowboy diplomacy and jowly septuagenarian saber-rattling. I’m sick of having to explain why torture is wrong. How the hell can someone not get that torture is wrong? Its like having to explain that rape is wrong. If raping someone would get us critical intelligence in the war on terror, would you do it?

Did you just hesitate?

We are a sick people living in a sick country. This whole system is going to hell, and I wish I didn’t have a front-row seat.

4 thoughts on “Angry Swarm

  1. Thanks for your post, I too am very concerned about all the above issues that you have mentioned. You may be interested to know that our freedom to write about such subjects is now under threat. There is an internet website currently being sued for several million dollars for discussing newspaper articles and publicly posted information concerning a new age guru who has had several close calls with the legal system in Oregon. The Signs of the Times news website, with researchers from around the globe is calling on all internet bloggers and websites for support, as the case will be a landmark and could mark the end of free speech on the internet, our last remaining avenue of real information. You can find the article < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.Thanks again for your post.


  2. Doug, I’m catching up on the swarm. I wrote one, but did not have time to read many because I was on the road.Thanks for your take. I agree with you completely, that’s why I am a libertarian and Voluntaryist.


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