Easter Part One: Prayer

Imagine our surprise!
to see you at our door
to break bread with you
three days after we knew – we knew – you were dead

Imagine our surprise
to see life from the tomb
to see the son of God and the son of Man
walk out of darkness into the sun once more

Imagine our surprise
to see, out of cold ashes, bright fire
out of the dry desert, living waters
out of sorrow and despair, heart-rending joy

Imagine our surprise
we who denied you
we – who run from our calling
who shy from doing what’s right
who bargain when we should listen

Imagine our surprise
to see that overwhelming love in your face
in your sudden embrace

defeat becomes glory
grief becomes hope
emptiness becomes wealth
fear becomes courage
love bursts that banks of death
overflows and overwhelms and overthrows

We are more than surprised
we are overthrown
death is overthrown
what is our response to the world turned around?

Allelujah! Amen.

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