I’ve been tagged over and over, so I should just do this real quick.

What is your earliest memory of being distinctly Presbyterian?

So I would have to go way back here and say the afternoon that I found some sort of abandoned access shaft running beneath the two main buildings of my home church. Down in the shaft, once I pried off the section of floor that was covering it, was a single bulletin from the 1950’s. There was also a concrete tunnel leading hundreds of feet into the dark. I never had the guts to go down it before someone nailed the section of wooden floor down, but I’d say that was the first time I felt distinctly Presbyterian – like I was part of a heritage beyond myself and even my time. I was about ten at the time.

On what issue/question should the PC(USA) spend LESS energy and time?

Orthodoxy. Because it never seems to lead to anything but 1. people being assholes or 2. people being excluded or 3. most often both at once.

On what issue/question should the PC(USA) spend MORE energy and time?

Orthopraxis. As in, not being assholes to each other as the barest minimum possible as Christians. That would be fantastic if somehow we could work that one out. Then people might actually believe us when we say we follow Christ, instead of laughing (or cringing) at our absurd vicious in-fighting before leaving the church, or choosing never to enter one in the first place.

If you could have the PC(USA) focus on one passage of scripture for a entire year, what would it be?

Isaiah 58 comes to mind. I can think of dozens, but that one’s a favorite. Its all about how public piety is totally worthless if it isn’t preceded by social justice and peacemaking.

If the PC(USA) were an animal what would it be and why?

Lion: we are clearly willing to devour our own kind if they 1. are helpless and 2. don’t belong in our specific

Extra Credit: Jesus shows up at General Assembly this year, what does he say to the Presbyterian Church (USA)?

Uh, guys? That stuff I told you to do? Like, two-freaking-thousand-years ago? You were supposed to actually do it. Or at least, you know, try. I know its kind of difficult, but you’ve had the Holy Spirit for…oh, I guess the Holy Spirit isn’t here either. Weird. Maybe I have the wrong address.

5 thoughts on “Presbymeme

  1. “Orthopraxis” is said to mean “right glory” or “right worship”[5]; only correct (or proper) practice, particularly correct worship, is understood as establishing the fulness glory given to God.The word orthodox, from Gk. orthodoxos “having the right opinion,” from orthos (“right, true, straight”) + doxa (“opinion, praise)”,[1] is typically used to mean adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion.[2]While I don’t disagree that orthopraxis is important, it seems as though it might be difficult to determine praxis without doxy. Or at least some agreement about what “right” is.


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