Descent: The Road to Legend Review

I just got a chance to play two consecutive sessions of the new Descent expansion, The Road to Legend. What the expansion does is allow campaign play with the Descent game, which before this expansion was a one-off game. In The Road to Legend, you select a character as usual, but the character persists and develops over time. You earn experience instead of Conquest points and spend the experience and gold that you find to upgrade your character’s abilities and attributes.

The expansion also adds an overland map which connects a number of dungeons and other kinds of outdoor encounters (yes, random encounters!) with an overall strategic element to the game as you move from city to city and try to keep them from being conquered by the Overlord and his (in our case) Lieutenants. There are rules for the cities to be placed under siege and conquered, and once they are conquered, the players cannot make use of any of their resources, including the Market, a Temple and an Alchemist.

In each city there is also a Tavern where you can spend some gold to hear a rumor. The rumor is a special one-off quest that modifies one of the dungeons and adds a new story element.

A game that previously got a 5 out of 5 continues to amaze. What sealed the deal for me was that the game comes with full-color cardboard boxes to hold your character’s miniature, skill and ability-cards, attribute bonuses, gold coins and cards that represent party upgrades.

I don’t want this review to get tedious, considering how long my last one was, but suffice to say, if you are spending money on Descent, the basic set or any of its expansions, it is money well spent. Once again, this game gets a 5 out of 5. Knocked out of the park. With The Road to Legend, Descent officially does everything that Dungeons and Dragons does, but it does it better.

2 thoughts on “Descent: The Road to Legend Review

  1. I heartily agree. The fact that we even have named Villians and henchmen, can get rumors in bars (or the occasional brawl), there is a PLOT, controlled pacing, secret masters to train with, special “legendary” dungeons etc… there are so many good things about this expansion to the basic game you almost wish there was a rating higher than 5 of 5.


  2. “With The Road to Legend, Descent officially does everything that Dungeons and Dragons does, but it does it better.”


    Good one. Man, you had me going till that last line.
    So funny!

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