Matthew 5:33-37, 43-48

I’m really nervous about preaching in chapel here at SFTS on April 18th. I think I fear preaching for preachers more than almost anything else in life right now. Seriously.

Above is what I’ve chosen as the text for the sermon. I cut out 38-42 to sort of contain myself a bit so I don’t go talking about nonviolence – mostly because I doubt I have much to say that this audience hasn’t heard. Really, no matter what I pick it won’t be new, but at least this will be sort of new to me.

I’m going with the tried-and-true method of stealing ideas from someone who is smarter than me and a better preacher.

I post this so that, while I’m out of town, you can peruse these verses and tell me what you would want to talk about, or hear about, based on this text.

2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:33-37, 43-48

  1. Tie it to the Abrahamic calling. To bless and to be a blessing to all the world. If God makes it rain on the just and the unjust alike, aren’t we therefore not free to withhold our blessings from people who don’t deserve it? How does that play out in real life?


  2. I think I would go with v44 Doug and talk about the enemy within…pride on both sides of the libcon divide, saying and doing things that Christ would be disappointed with (myself included) and yearning for that perfection of the Father, which we all need.


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