I’m soon off to the 2008 PCUSA National Multicultural Conference. That’s right, embattled conservatives, I’m taking my Christianity-destroying apostasy on the road! (1) Who knows what regrettable hijinks will ensue when I bring my ‘nostications into a new time zone?

Seriously, though, I hope it’ll be a fun way to spend a weekend with my internship advisor and fellow Presbyterian blogger. Also, with my wife’s iPod Nano. And my book manuscript, currently in its third incarnation (for a really surprising amount of editing). And maybe some books to read, though as I’m still in school, reading isn’t quite the fun that it is when you only do it when you want to…

As usual, I’m going to pack way too much for this trip. But that’s half the fun, and two thirds of the exercise.

(1) That was sarcasm, for anyone who didn’t detect it in its digital form.

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