Idolatry American Style: Introduction

I’m starting a new series of posts that I’ll carry through for a while, it seems, based on the ones I’ve sketched out so far. The series of posts is going to be on idolatry.

Its difficult to define God (for me at least), but sometimes it helps to carefully point out what something is not in order to see more clearly what it is. I think that in my culture, there is an incredible amount of idolatry – that is, worshiping as gods things which are not God. By worshiping, I mean trusting, making your center of value, organizing your life around, adoring, seeking, loving and so on.

I’m sick and tired of the various American idolatries that so often go un-identified…so I’m going to identify a bunch of them and talk about them. These idolatries have infected our churches no less than anywhere else. It bothers me when we fly an American flag in a church, or when we sing national hymns in church, and I want to get into why. I think I have good reasons to feel this way. Maybe you don’t agree.

Maybe you’re worshiping idols.

I can’t really say – that’s up for you to figure out on your own. But there are clearly very powerful American idolatries (I can’t really talk about other national idolatries, but I don’t think America is special in this respect) which are without question more powerful than the Gospel in our culture. If we name them, then we can engage them.

So let us begin. I’m going to start with the one that sparked this idea and got me thinking, one that I encounter a lot when talking to pastors and other kinds of leaders

The Idolatries as I Post Them

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