The PCUSA Multicultural Conference

It was a good time. It gave me loads of fodder for posts, but oddly, not so many of them are specifically focused on multicultural ministry. But you’ll see those soon enough.

It seems like a majority of the vibrant congregations in the PCUSA that are reaching people around my age are multicultural. At least, that’s one of the things that we talked about during the conference.

I also enjoyed a group of panelists talking briefly about homosexual issues without trying to sabotage, backstab, or generally attack each other. I think that when you’re involved in multicultural ministry, your threshold for disagreement is exponentially higher than average for the PCUSA right now.

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to go to one of these annual conferences (in Atlanta next year, Chicago the following year when I will try to attend again) I highly recommend it. You’ll hardly be able to tell that its a Presbyterian thing, and I mean that as a positive note. No upper-class Caucasians talking about a budget crisis. People from all over the world getting along together incredibly well. Fair trade chocolates. Good times.

As I think about this a little more, I’ll probably put up some posts highlighting some of the programs, books, ministries and perhaps even people that I met or found out about while at this conference. There’s a lot of interesting stuff, and honestly, it was the kind of experience that makes me happier about being a Presbyterian overall. I realize we’re still a 92% white denomination, but that 8%, and the people involved in that 8%, is pretty damn cool.

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