Idolatry American Style: $$$$$

There is nothing new under the sun. Environmentalism is idolatry. Environmentalism is worship of the creation and not the creator.When man rejects Christianity, he will seek to worship something because he cannot evade being made in the image of God. His only alternative is the material world, i.e., what he can see with his physical eyes.In his recent letter, Robert Bitter shows he is a dupe of the environmentalist philosophy. His solutions are all idolater’s solutions at the end of a gun. This is because the environmentalist philosophy is bankrupt. They have no solution but coercion.What Bitter calls for will result in worsening the oil situation. He does not realize that government regulation is the cause of the rise in gas prices and yet he wants more regulation ensuring shortages.When there is a shortage in the market, you can rest assured the government is involved. The establishment’s religion is environmentalism. This is taught in the coercive educational system from kindergarten all the way through graduate school. Environmentalism is the government-established religion of America.I like green, the green of cash from being productive. God told man to subdue the earth. This is what the environmentalists seek to stop. Drilling for oil and subduing the earth is the solution to the high price of oil. The environmentalists desire is to become primitive. They are regressive, not progressive as they claim. Our survival depends upon getting goods to the market. This is what oil companies seek to do. The environmentalists are determined to stop them.

This is one of the most disgusting and disheartening things I’ve ever read. I’m not going to attribute it because I don’t want to draw attention to the author. I have no idea what this lunatic conspiracy theory comes from, where kids are taught environmentalism at gun-point, but the idea behind it is the truly chilling part. I added the bold section, because I think it’s key. Evil, idolatrous, but key. This person is reflecting back to us our own idolatry.

It is an excellent illustration of the second American idolatry I want to talk about – it boils down to the worship of money. This idolatrous beast is a hydra with many heads. You hear a lot of talk about growth, and how important it is, or about profit, or interest, or capital gains, investment and so on. In the biological world, unbridled growth has a name – its cancer. And economic growth is the cancer that is killing the natural world and driving the relentless engine of exploitation.

Somewhere, we were sold the false idea that whatever is profitable is also good and justified. We make ourselves gods, our petty desires become needs in minds twisted by greed and bloated with consumption. We become like locusts, devouring everything we depend on to live. If we continue to live like this, there is no question that we will destroy the capacity of the planet to sustain us. At this rate, in a few generations our descendants will be living on landfills if they are living at all. We have no need of a rapture to destroy the world and plunge it into tribulation. It has been plunged into tribulation for a long time, and there is no question in my mind – that which is Antichrist rules in power already.

It amazes me that with all of our worship and adulation of Mammon, the few of us who bother have time to go to Church at all.

So when your economic stimulus check comes from Dubya, think about what you should do with it. What Would Jesus Consume?

6 thoughts on “Idolatry American Style: $$$$$

  1. Taking care of our environment is biblical. Genesis 1:28-31 is where we get our authority but verse 31, immediately after we are told to subdue the earth, reads, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”So trashing it undoes something God has made. Are you sure that guy standing on top of the mountain of garbage didn’t write that piece?


  2. JJ:Absolutely! Very Biblical. I think that God clearly cares deeply about the world and all that is in it, and we’re failing if we aren’t doing the same.In fact, isn’t it Satan who tempts Jesus in the wilderness with exploiting his power to make himself more comfortable? Maybe something to think about, I dunno…Aric: Soft targets are still targets :). Also, if we’re still worshipping $$$, then we must not have heard it enough, or in the right way, or something…


  3. Today is Earth Day and I am sharing this important post with my friends and colleagues and at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">the abundancetrek blog<>. Thank you for your thoughts and for finding the idolatrous thoughts of another person who needs our prayers.


  4. The Aurora Forum at Stanford University has posted some great podcasts on iTunes U that address the issues you’re discussing. I’m listening to one now (haven’t yet finished it) entitled “Clean, Secure, Efficient Energy: Can We Have It All?” You can find it by going to the iTunes Store, clicking on iTunes U, then clicking on Stanford University, then the Aurora Forum link. Good stuff.Thanks for your post, and for your passion.In Christ,Mark


  5. I forgot to add that the podcast I mentioned was a special session of the Aurora Forum held jointly with the Society of Environmental Journalists last year. Amy Goodman of <>Democracy Now!<> moderated the panel discussion.-Mark


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