A Breath of Fresh Air

Theology Unplugged is the podcast of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries. It is a theological podcast hosted by three conservative evangelicals, and to everyone’s surprise, I recommend it for your listening pleasure and edification.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to hear conservative evangelicals talk about new criticism, hermeneutics, and Biblical interpretation using language that is familiar to me. You can still hear them flinch and grimace whey they even say the word “liberal”, but they talk about the necessity of interpretation, they examine their own hermeneutical process, and they are wonderfully willing to ask questions in an honest and open way that, frankly, I have almost exclusively encountered among liberal/progressives.

They certainly come to some different conclusions than I would at times, but they also talk about why they come to those conclusions, rather than presenting the conclusions as objective truth from on high and everyone else as heretical. I appreciate the rigor – at least, as much rigor as you can get on a podcast. They strike me as people I could actually have a conversation with about important issues, which is rare among people who disagree.

So, if you’re conservative/evangelical, and you want a better understanding of where we liberals are coming from when we talk about Biblical interpretation and theology, this podcast is definitely worth a listen. It is also an excellent introduction to theological issues and methodology – a little limited in its outlook, but no more so than you’ll get from anyone else. I’m not saying it will convert you, but they use a lot of language and methodology that I’ve learned to use.

I actually don’t know that much about the group aside from their podcast, but the rest of what they do at Reclaiming the Mind might be worth checking out too if you’re of a conservative bent. Or otherwise, really. They seem to also identify themselves with emergent/postmodernism to some degree. I actually couldn’t straighten that out. They definitely use some postmodern methodology, but they aren’t quite consistent in how they talk about it otherwise. I haven’t listened to all of their podcast episodes, so maybe I missed that discussion.

Anyway, check it out.

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