Theological Elevator Pitch Challenge!!!

I was talking to my wife recently about theology, and about how I think that theological reflection almost always uses far too many words. Just look at this blog! Too many words.

So I was thinking – what if you had to create an elevator pitch for theological concepts? Something that encapsulated what you think is important about the concept for someone to understand, in plain English?

So, here’s the challenge. Choose a theological concept and write an elevator pitch for the concept. The elevator pitch should not be longer than 50 words, and should be as short as possible if you go over the 50. It should express what you think is the core of a theological concept, and be easily understandable by the average 8th grader.

Ideally, the elevator pitch should also contain not only what but also why. You should give a reason for what you believe, for what you think, that a skeptic might listen to. Assume the person in the elevator to whom you are speaking is not a Christian, not even religious. But for some reason, in a moment of interest, they hear that you’re a Christian, and they ask, “Ok, I’ve always wondered…what’s with [insert theological concept here]?” And they are about to reach their floor and part ways forever!

Here are some example theological topics: the trinity, the incarnation, atonement, salvation, the gospel, the holy spirit, creation, the sovereignty of God, sin, the fall, heaven, hell, the crucifixion, mission, immanence, transcendence, theodicy, Biblical inspiration, Biblical inerrancy, Biblical literalism…and so on

Here is my shot at the first one I listed (in no particular order) – the trinity:

“We look at our experiences of God in three main ways: the big God, the creator of everything, God the son, who was both God and a human being at the same time, and the Holy Spirit, who is present in us and between us all the time.”

48 words. Whew, this is hard!

Also, I’m calling out some fellow bloggers:


6 thoughts on “Theological Elevator Pitch Challenge!!!

  1. Baptism is a ritual bath that symbolizes inner cleansing and renewal by God. It is the Church’s “amen” to what God is already doing in a person’s life. We baptize a person only once because to keep baptizing suggests that God is not getting it right.46 words.In Christ,Mark


  2. Predestination (because I am a Presbyterian):It is all about where you’re going. The decision about your salvation has been made for you. God has already chosen you (and your in). You can now respond to God’s call to do God’s work in the world. Preach the gospel, use words if necessary.46 wordsBlessings,Greg


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