"Presidency Katrina" – Third Term?

George W. Bush’s presidency has been such a massive disaster that it should get its own name, like the hurricanes that thrash the gulf coast every few years. We could call it “Presidency Katrina”, since he did far more damage than he would have done if people were better prepared to take precautions against him, and we’ll be slogging through his mess and rebuilding for years to come after he’s gone.

But the real question is – how different are McCain and Bush? Can you tell them apart by the stances they’ve taken?

Take the Bush-McCain Challenge!

And ask yourself, do you really want more of what we’ve had to endure for eight years? I guess we’ll find out.

2 thoughts on “"Presidency Katrina" – Third Term?

  1. <>And ask yourself, do you really want more of what we’ve had to endure for eight years?<>This disenchanted Republican says that if the Dems could stay focused on that point and beat everyone over the head again and again with it, they’d sail to an easy victory in November. But I have a feeling people will be distracted by pastor disasters and trivial gaffes because…they already are! What did Will Rogers say again…?


  2. I would love to see the Dems, at the very least, put up a healthy challenge to the Republicans for once. They’ve been anemic for far too long. I’m not a Democrat, but the stake I have in this whole thing is actually having alternatives that are meaningful, rather than a flaccid Democratic candidate (Kerry) or a Republican who will spend five or six years before meeting significant Democratic opposition (Bush).More than a lapel pin At the very least, if McCain wins, I hope that he’ll meet resistance when he says things like “We might be in Iraq for a thousand years.”I say, Will Rogers for president!


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