5 thoughts on “History Will Not Absolve Us

  1. “What does it profit a country if it should gain the whole world but lose its soul?”I am surprised how little air time that ABC report has gotten. There seems to be a consensus among the media that it is not good business to bring this stuff to light.Coupled with the silence of the Church, and conservative publications that equate standing against torture with 911 conspiracy theorists, I think our soul may very well already be lost.


  2. Jodie:Might that be just the dance we’re involved in, though? Our souls are already lost. By what means can we possibly be redeemed? By what means does God seem to be (or seem not to be) redeeming us?The point of the article, and the whole torture debate in this country, for me amounts to “We are torturing people. We have lost all moral credibility and standing we might have had. Now what?” The fact that we are willing to mince words and split hairs about what constitutes torture just shines a brighter light on the depravity of the whole thing.Its like arguing how close someone can be to being raped before they are raped? Or who much you can injure someone before it is attempted murder? What you’re trying to justify is violation, and you’re trying to sneak by with an argument of degrees. The whole project that you’re engaged in, at that point, is completely morally bankrupt. The desire to go 99.9% of the way toward torturing someone is what is disgusting and evil about our position. And I perceive a deep divide between people who see that 99.9% mentality as a problem and people who are just ok with violating other human beings.


  3. Well, history might absolve us if we become the supreme rulers of the world and write that history ourselves. Imagine the future of humankind as a boot stomping down on a human face forever. Yes, 1984. If we bring this about, history will absolve us. Because on that day, history will die, and in its place we will institute the infernal paradise of power.


  4. Yeah,I grew up in a police state with a military government where torture was presumed to be a valid interrogation/punishment tool. I know all too well what it means to say that for evil to win all that is needed is for good people to say nothing.And I firmly believe that to say nothing is to consent. Because that is how torturers justify themselves. By believing they are strong enough to do what everyone else wishes they would do. They believe what they are doing is for the common good, even if they get perverse pleasure from the deed. They have to be told they are living a lie. They have to be stopped. And Bush believes he is acting in everyone’s best interest.Torture destroys the body of the victim and the soul of the perpetrator. The hard part is to convince the silent consenters that their souls too, are being destroyed. But I have seen it with my own eyes.


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