More Idolatry: Our War Against Evil

I just wanted to link this video on the NT Wrong blog. Its Rosemary Radford Reuther talking about what I’ve also been talking about when I talk about the idolatry of the military in the United States.

When living in an empire, there is no room for worship of anything but that empire.

Yeah, she takes some shots at the Bush administration, but frankly they’re well-deserved. And she lays out the core of what I think the problem is. Our leaders are looking for an “opportunity to remake the world”, and these attempts always end in atrocity, destruction and collapse.

Anyway, the talk is worth listening to if you’re not convinced that America is the world messiah called to destroy the A-rabs. If you are convinced that this is the case, then by all means celebrate, because you’re winning.

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