A Strange Sensation

This is a little update about me, so if that doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip this post and wait for the next one, which will probably be meatier.

I’ve been noticing a really significant change in my life recently – I like the work I’m doing. I’ve had some shit jobs and some tolerable jobs, but its been years since I had a job I actually enjoyed, that I actually sometimes looked forward to.

Right at the moment I’ve got four of them. One is only about four hours a week at the most, and is no big deal. The other is writing the book that I’m working on (which I have to finish sooner than later – one more thing that’s always there to do). The writing I’m really enjoying, even though its been eight or nine months of work so far on top of everything else I’ve been doing.

The first main job that I’m enjoying is filling in for my supervisor at my internship site. I’ve been preaching almost every Sunday recently and leading worship every Sunday but one, and I love it for the most part. Its definitely hard, but I’m not losing steam or interest. Even yesterday, when I preached first for the Mandarin-language service (with a prayer in Mandarin that I spent a lot of time practicing) and then lead the joint worship and preached in the English-language service right after, it was great. I even got a 10-minute discussion going with the congregation after the sermon, and it isn’t easy to get Presbyterians to participate in worship when it isn’t written in the bulletin…

The other job that I’m liking is working for the Friendly Local Game Store. There’s the usual retail semi-drudgery, but its not unpleasant at all. The rest of the job is basically hanging out and talking to people about games, learning about games, demonstrating games…things that I want to do anyway.

The common denominator is that I’m now doing three out of four jobs where I am being paid to do something that I would do for free, that I have done for free for years – write, game, and participate in church and worship leadership.

Its just weird to come home from work and not be at least a little demoralized. I have to say, I can get used to this.

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