4th Edition D&D – Holy Typos, Batman!

I’ve noticed a massive number of typos in the Monster Manual for the ability scores of the creatures listed. Ogres are a great example – a +2 bonus for an Intelligence of 4? +14 for a Strength of 23? These errors are all over the place in multiple entries, almost to the point where the mistakes are the rule rather than the other way around.

I’m sure they’ll post corrections to D&D Insider once it is up and running, but wow, those are a lot of mistakes.

4 thoughts on “4th Edition D&D – Holy Typos, Batman!

  1. That might account for it. I think there are still typos in the attribute lists, but that's true, that would account for a lot of it. I”m just used to stat blocks where there are just ability score modifiers.


  2. LoL I promise not to induce flames, but that's the reason I stick to OGL products, I've just found better editing, better quality, for lower prices. Granted the books aren't as pretty but I can't even think of a WoTC book that doesn't have one or several ugly obvious errors while costing 40% more than a third party book. but then i only posses 85% or so of their 3/3.5 line. They really could use some more editors…. maybe the current ones could have their spouse browse it before turning it in to their boss?


  3. There are definitely some OGL gems out there, but there's a lot of it that's just crappy. I'd say that for every good product that came out of the OGL, there are probably 9 that I didn't think were really worth the shelf-space. For example, at the game store where I work, we took down about 600 rpg books, mostly OGL/third-party books, and hardly noticed the loss. They're now in the basement waiting to be eBayed as soon as anyone has the time…

    But that's really the case with books in general, I suppose. About 90% crap.

    Not that I'm judgmental about it or anything šŸ™‚


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