4th Edition D&D – Milestones – House Rule

I think I found a way to adapt my ideas about alignment – be devouring and co-opting the 4th Edition milestone rule. I want to steal the Milestone idea, and make it a lot more meaningful.

In the current rules as written, your character reaches a Milestone when she has completed two encounters without taking an extended rest. When you reach a milestone, you receive an Action Point, which can be spent to take an extra action in an encounter or to activate some Feats or Paragon powers. Essentially, the system is rewarding you for not resting after every encounter, the classic tactic from 3.5. I think this is frankly sort of unnecessary.

Now, when I think “Milestone”, I think of some kind of important stage in someone’s development. A Milestone is something like graduation or marriage or the birth of your first child – not room #2 in a dungeon delve.

I think that, once a player has defined her character’s Alignment, she should then define four Milestones that are related to that Alignment. Her Action Point pool is equal to the number of Milestones she has achieved. These Milestones should be ranked in order of difficulty or importance, so that each successive one is a greater challenge than the past.

A Milestone should probably be some kind of really important decision or challenge that the Alignment will force on the character.

I need to give this more thought, but I like the germ of the idea.

One thought on “4th Edition D&D – Milestones – House Rule

  1. I think that's a valid point if you want to use it that way, but if you make milestones that much fewer and farther between I think you should also make them a permanent pool rather than resetting to 1 after an extended rest. That way there is a definite incentive to accomplish your individual milestones to earn those free actions to be used in each gaming session.


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