Kung Fu Panda

This is deliciously unrelated to theology (unless you really want to get into it I suppose, since at this point I can probably find something theological to say about anything) – Kung Fu Panda is an awesome movie.

Now, granted, I understand that Jack Black and I have basically the same sense of humor, so if you hate Jack Black, you won’t like this movie as much because most of the comedy is driven by Po, the Kung Fu Panda who is played by Jack Black.
That being said, this movie was hilarious.  I loved it.  It never lost my attention, and I kept laughing through the whole movie.
The animation is incredible.  Dreamworks out-does themselves once again.  There are some of the best animated action sequences in any movie ever in my opinion, and they really tie into the over-the-top genre of wire-fu found in movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers – only turned up to 11.
I recommend this movie to everyone without reservation.  If you don’t enjoy this movie, I don’t know if there’s any hope for you.

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