Goodbye George Carlin

I didn’t write anything sooner because I was sort of processing. A lot of people seem to have died recently, particularly this month, and its getting to me. I’ve been avoiding it by playing a lot of World of Warcraft and working on my book and some other stuff.

But here is something I wrote as a comment on Shuck and Jive (with a few changes):

What I love about this monologue is that George Carlin is angry about all the same stuff in religion that makes me angry. He’s right – our theologies of evil cannot account for the “Ice Capades” 🙂

But seriously, what he does is he holds up the bad theology that we still try to pass off – that God is male, that God is the Big Angry Dad who micromanages everything, that God loves all of us and also created Hell to torture some of us for eternity, that God is primarily concerned with telling us how miserable we are, that prayer is merely to get us what we want, and so on. I’m right there with him, and have been for a long time. The only difference is I ultimately chose to stay within Christianity and find ways of making meaning in it apart from accepting what I’m handed uncritically – to figure out the hard way what to do with my life.

For a while I was as angry as George was, and I decided that Christianity wasn’t worth it. Now I’m still angry a lot of the time, but I changed my mind about the worth it part.

I’m not sure about “prophet”, but George Carlin throws a gauntlet down, and most of us don’t dare to even pick it up. He holds up a mirror to our hypocrisies – and inserts some swear-words.

I love George Carlin, loved and love, for reminding me that I have to think, and think very hard, and always test what I say I believe.

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