Idolatry American Style: Barak Obama

Barack Obama is not the messiah.

John McCain is a grumpy old hypocritical man who wants World War III. At the very least, he wants a three-front war in the Middle East – because our two-front war is going so freaking well, and has accomplished so much of value. And was begun with such honesty and transparency. But he doesn’t pretend to be anything else, really. Well, I guess he pretends not to be a hypocrite. But what you see is what you get. He’s not slick enough to lie convincingly – at least not to me.

Barack Obama, on the other hand…there’s this kind of messianic vibe going through his campaign. Not being involved in Obamamania, maybe I can see it more clearly, I dunno. There’s just this odd groundswell around him, and it’s hard to see why sometimes. I am really excited that this year, we had a woman and a Black man as the two Democratic front-runners. That part was amazing – a tremendous historical moment. And it still is. I’m excited because this was a big step in the excruciating cultural crawl away from misogyny and racism. But this isn’t Saint Obama. He’s a politician, and is therefore automatically and eternally suspect. If we have saints these days, they’re sure as hell not in politics. They’re living humble lives helping others, and we’ll never hear of them or see them on the news. And because they’re saints, that won’t bother them.

Because I don’t want World War III, I’m going to vote for Obama, because of the two, he’s the best shot we have at damage control from the last eight years of misery.

But let’s be serious. He’s a largely untested national politician. I like his track record on the south side of Chicago. His pastor doesn’t bother me that much. His wife seems nice, and he’s a great public speaker. Frankly, he and I disagree on a few important things…but I’m hardly going to like any national politician. To climb that high, you’ve got to compromise the kind of values I’d respect, and I understand that.

But we need to be reminded that Barack Obama is not the messiah. He’s not even John F. Kennedy. Maybe he’ll grow into the role if he wins, we’ll see. And the Democratic Party is certainly nothing to be proud of lately. They’ve proven time and again that they will vote for the sake of their careers rather than for the sake of their values.

At least with Republicans, things are more transparent. They will work for selective privatization, greed, war, fearmongering, and jamming government into every bedroom in America. Some of them are pretty open about it, really. A few of them are still actually conservatives, though those are a dying breed I’m afraid.

Democrats talk a lot about civil liberties and justice and equality, and then vote for atrocious laws like the Patriot Act, or vote to support the war in Iraq. Then they work for selective socialization, greed, war, fearmongering…at least they let you keep what you do in the bedroom mostly to yourself. And if I have to pick one, I’m picking the useless party that at least parrots things I believe are good, rather than the one that promises things I think are unjustifiable and then delivers.

Nothing messianic is coming from either party any time soon.

So no, Obama, I don’t believe. I don’t believe for a moment. How could I? Believing in belief is made-for-TV-movie crap, and I hardly watch TV anymore. You’re no Bill Bradley or Bill Richardson as a statesman, and I’ve already sort of picked a messiah, so that position is filled I’m afraid. You’re not Mr. Right, you’re just Mr. Better Than The Apalling Alternative. That gets you a vote, and not much else.

Say it with me: Barak Obama is not the messiah.

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