D&D Insider – WTF?

D&D Insider was supposed to go live when 4th Edition dropped – but its still “Coming Soon” according to their website. I have to wonder what the hell is taking so long? I mean, I wasn’t excited to learn about the deaths of Dungeon and Dragon, to be replaced with a WoW-style online subscription model, but WotC seemed to be excited. And now they’ve just fostering frustrated fans one day at a time.

The lack of D&D Insider also means that organized play isn’t happening in 4th Edition – no Living Forgotten Realms yet, and no Dungeon Delves. What this means for the game store I work for is that we’ve needing to designing our own Delves, and our organized play just…isn’t happening yet.

In case you’re having a similar problem, or are just interested, we’re going to be posting about our Delve scenarios that we come up with. They sound pretty interesting so far – one is based on demonstrating how easy it is to make D&D 4th Edition look exactly like WoW, with a Delve based around the Scarlet Monastery using characters based on our WoW characters. Another is going to be based on Godzilla, with the Tarrasque attacking Sharn. I’ve come up with one that just uses the 4th Edition D&D minis that you get in the new starter set. We’re trying to base them around groups of all sizes and all classes and levels, and to give them all interesting hooks.

There’ll be more on what we come up with as we flesh them out.

In the meantime – WotC, get off your ass and have D&D Insider go live. After all that fanfare at last year’s GenCon, you’ve got nothing? Really?

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