Green Ronin Rejects D&D 4th Edition

Apparently, Green Ronin has decided to follow in the footsteps of Paizo Publishing in rejecting 4th Edition D&D for their product lines. I had a feeling this might happen, having gone over the new GSL and reading responses to it. It looks like it is a less open liscence than 3rd Edition was, and I understand publishers not wanting to follow Wizards of the Coast into 4th Edition territory.

It’s unfortunate, though. I like a lot of what Green Ronin does, and I was interested to see what they’d come up with for the 4th Edition rules set. The good thing is that Green Ronin will keep on publishing as they have been, and for those D&D fans who still prefer 3/3.5, there’ll be plenty of quality content and support for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Green Ronin Rejects D&D 4th Edition

  1. My hats off to Green Ronin, this greats news and I'll spare you the flaming by not going into detail why I feel that way! ((wink wink nudge nudge))


  2. Hey man, flame if you need to flame.

    I definitely like companies sticking with 3.X – I think the two editions are quite different, and I've seen them appeal to very different demographics of gamers, so the more the merrier.


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