Here is a proposal on abortion that I might be able to get behind.

I’ve talked a bit in the past about how I am probably best categorized (if you must) as pro-life in the abortion debate, but that I do not associate with the pro-life movement because I think it is counterproductive. That is, a lot of what the pro-life movement is doing will not lead to fewer abortions, which, being pro-life, is my ultimate goal.

I’ve disassociated with the pro-choice movement over the last few years for similar reasons – I don’t think that tack will lead to fewer abortions either. To me, both sides make good points, but an actual solution which will reduce the number of abortions occurring has to be a hybridization of the two positions, throwing out a lot of trash in the process.

This is actually one of those rare examples where a person has changed their mind because of what people who disagreed with him said over time. I used to be solidly pro-choice, but a combination of talking to people and doing my own research for an ethics final cemented my new position.

Anyway, explaining where I’m at would take a characteristically long time, but here is an interesting article putting forth a Democratic abortion-reduction plank. Its actually a little creepy and exhilarating, because the ideas they’re (finally) putting out there could have been drawn from my ethics final almost exactly. It’s a start, at least. I’ve got a lot more to say, and I’m sure the Democrats for Life have a lot more to say as well.

But maybe this is a start.

Thanks to the Bishop for the link.

3 thoughts on “Hallelujah!…?

  1. This pretty much what I have been arguing all along. Be pro-life, but be pro-life all the way! I had posted an argument about this about two days before this one popped up on my blog radar, so it was reassuring…


  2. Thanks for the comments – I definitely hope that an initiative like this, if it makes it into the Democrat platform sometime soon, will be something that people can agree on and actually begin to work toward, whether they identify with one “side” or the other.


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